3D Whitening Strips


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Do you want a Hollywood-smile in 14 days?

Did you ever try to whiten your teeth at home before with a mouth tray filled with gel in your mouth several hours each day? This is nothing pleasant and we understand that. This is why we develop products that are easy to use at home or on-the-go. Because we believe that everybody should be able to whiten their teeth even if they are driving to work or sitting in the couch watching TV.

These whitening strips are not just like other whitening strips, they are specially developed to make the most possible effect in 14 days, and also work 3-Dimentionally and also whiten the small difficult-to-reach-areas between your teeth. You put them against your upper and lower teeth for 30 minutes before spitting them out, and you keep a nice minty flavour in your mouth for several hours.

Our White Strips 3D has the maximum whitening effect you can get on the market for home whitening products. They will give you so quick results, most of our customers see results already after 2-3 days using them. Try them today and see the results yourself!


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