The Enlightened Ones Gloss Collection


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For the goddess whose light shines so bright, it transcends all colors. The Enlightened Ones is a collection of six of our signature shades, including Bliss, Grace, Peace, Compassion, Rapture and Nirvana. Includes 6 liquid lip gloss;9 ml / 0.30 fl oz ea.

We believe that beauty is constantly evolving. Our mission as a brand is to combine a revolutionary formula, ethically sourced from nature, with technology designed to make both application and all-day wearability easy, convenient and professional.

Inspired by professional makeup artists and perfected for you, Love Light Lips and our smooth, silky formula gives the modern woman the confidence she needs to set her intention for her day — whether it’s steeped in the art of the glam, or rooted in her daily practice.


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